about us

Shagirf Gems LTD

“These gems have life in them: their color speaks, say what words fail of.”
-George Elliot.

Looking to be glowing in a room full of somber? Do you wish to become the life of the party?
Say no more! Walk through our entrance to find the true meaning of glitter with the large range of radiant gemstones we provide. We also showcase the art of handcrafting by producing exquisite jewelry for your special occasions. Happy customers are our first priority, and for that, we never compromise on the quality of our high-valued and low-cost products. Our glamorous gemstones and jewelry will surely leave people in awe, boost your confidence, and make you stand out at a party. The best part? Our products are very affordable in this inflated market; we offer our products at the best price domain that our competitors can never match us at. So, what are you waiting for? Try us out now! Experience the best gemstone services, and acquire expert recommendations on what gemstone would suit you the best.

The Journey:

Work led to inspiration:

It all started with a simple assignment assigned to me back in 2008 during my graduation. The task was to do an overview of Afghanistan’s mines and resources, and as we came across the gems that were radiating vibrance and intense colors, at that very moment, gems made a special place our my heart. Since that day, we have strived to make a career in this field, and for that, I shifted to Jaipur, India, the hub of the gems and jewelry market. Over there, I acquired basic training in the processing of gems, and eventually, I introduced Afghan Emeralds to the Indian market. The response I received was overwhelming, and that motivated me to move back to Afghanistan to further expand my business.

The beginning of this journey:

We registered our company as “Shagirf Gems LTD”, and started the search for skilled labor to hire for cutting and polishing the gems. We traveled to many cities, and different mines to acquire new types of emeralds. We started working in Panjshir province and dealt in the supply of Panjshir Emerald which is one of its kind and ranks second in the whole world. After two successful years in providing gems processing and jewelry, We began the new journey of starting our own production which included faceted gems, and hand-made jewelry crafted by skilled women who I employed.

A new chapter:

Our company was receiving an enormous amount of positive feedback, and growing exponentially until it was halted by major political instability in our country. we were lucky enough to migrate to Canada for better opportunities, and the first thing we did after coming here was to keep the name of Shagirf Gems LTD alive. For that, we registered our company here in Canada, with the same employees in Afghanistan who are working with us remotely. The office in Canada is a front for placing orders, and all the work is done by my team in Afghanistan who ships the product all the way to Canada after completion. 

The Process:

We make sure to follow all the necessary procedures required to produce a fine gemstone, that will keep our customers satisfied. We provide services in numerous gemstones like Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, and basic jewelry like earrings, necklaces, etc. Our procedure consists of the following: 

Our mines and mining: 
We mine out the best quality gems from our mines in Afghanistan.

Gem Processing:
We cut and polish them at the standard level that is recognized globally. 

Final Product:
We deliver our final product in both forms, faceted gemstones or crafted jewelry, according to the requirement of our client.

Our aim:

We have carefully hired the best and most skilled people in their respective fields, aiming to provide you with top-notch final products. Our aim is to build a happy and trustworthy relationship with our customers who leave our stores satisfied with our services, and who are willing to stop by again when in need of any precious gemstone product.

Our purpose:

Our purpose is entirely based on patriotism and philanthropy, as our homeland is going through tough times during this political crisis; consequently, there is a high rate of unemployment. We recognize their skill and want to enable them to earn bread for their households by providing a work-from-home-based job. The more growth Shagirf Gems LTD gets, the more money goes to the ones in need, as 20% of the profit goes to our team along with the fixed monthly wages. For such reasons, we work hard towards providing you with the best services, so that a level of trust maintains between us and you.